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This section is a directory of the many sites created by S.S. United States Supporters - If you have an internet site related to the S.S. United States and wish to be added, send your link in an email to Paul Robinson here..

Rich Rabbett of the Boston chapter got the ball rolling with much of the following information..thanks Rich!



Martin's SS United States page  
Outstanding personal page dedicated to the liner.  Plenty of 50's color publicity photos of the ship, photos of the liner in Turkey, photos being towed back to the United States, links to articles about the SS United States, log excerpts from the SS United States, interviews with former crew members, ships data, etc.  Excellent resource!!!!

Lynn's Home Port 
Lyndell Sills, former crewmember, provides wonderful insight into the construction and sailing of this unique ship.  A must see sight to get a picture of life on the Big U

Excellent page by a liner enthusiast - great info and pictures on the SS United States and her running mate, the SS America

Ships of State: The Great Atlantic Liners
part of Uncommon Journeys' Website.  Uncommon Journeys is the nation's leading purveyor of luxury train & ocean travel.  Kevin R. Tam has created an outstanding section dedicated to the liners of the North Atlantic.  Nice picture archive (including section on SS United States), liner discussion forums, links to ocean liner sites of interest

Drew Durniak's SS United States site 
Personal liner enthusiast's site

SS United States in Philadelphia, PA 
Personal site with great pictures of the SS United States as the liner returns to her native country in 1996.  Also, nice links pages for sites with info about the Big U

Bryan R. Guinn's SS United States page
Excellent personal site dedicated to the Big U - part of his comprehensive Royal Regals of the Sea site...great classic ocean liner information and OUTSTANDING links page from the site is here

Steve Myers' SS United States web page 
Personal site with a few pictures and links

Ken Stutt's photos of the SS United States 
Photos taken from a cruise ship passenger in 1998 as he sailed past the SS United States tied at pier in Philadelphia...nice long shots of a still very proud liner!'s page on classic liners - SS United States  Nice one page blurb on the Big U with a beautiful color shot of the liner steaming at sea in her heyday

SS United States passenger's page  A passenger shares his memories of a voyage to the U.S. accompanied by nice personal photos on board the liner 

The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia 
Come to the birthplace of the Big U and visit this museum of maritime history featuring information about the SS United States

Other Nautical Links

The Archive of Advertising
The Archive of Advertising has produced a CD collection of advertising art for the Big U!

The American Merchant Marine Museum at the United States Merchant Marine Academy - Kings Point, New York 

Berti & Lewis Replicas 
Offers a fine brass replica of the Big U.

Darren Byrne's tribute page to the SS America 
Excellent information about the SS America, running mate to the SS United States

Ships of the Line 
Nice site with information about a handful of classic ocean liners, including the SS United States and SS America

The Ocean Liner Museum 
Need I say more?!

Monsters of the Sea: The Great Ocean Liners of Time 
Nice personal page by Louis Mancini - see page for SS United States

The Mother of All Maritime Links
page by John Kohnen.  If it's maritime and you want it, it's linked SOMEWHERE on this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gibbs & Cox, Inc.
homepage  Marine engineering firm that designed the SS United States!

Newport News Ship Yard
Come see the actual birthplace of William Francis Gibbs' ultimate creation!!!

Martifacts, Inc.
Site specializing in the sale of original maritime ephemera, fittings and memorabilia 
A great resource site about the golden age of ocean travel!

Conatact Info