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The S.S. United States Foundation - Find a Chapter of the Foundation in your area.
Working to save the S.S. United States - Start a Chapter of the Foundation in your area.
Find A Local Chapter in your area...
Start a Local Chapter of the Foundation...
There are many people all over the country and world who are interested in the S. S. United Sates. Help bring those people in your local area together by starting a chapter of the foundation...

Basic Requirements*:

    1) Chapter chairs must be voting members of the national organization.

    2) Chapters must have By-laws approved by the national organization within their first year of operation. (The By-laws of the national organization can be adopted--with obvious changes for local purposes--to a chapter organization or the requirements of differing nations where a chapter may exist).

    3) Members of chapters must be members of the national organization within 90 days of joining a chapter.

Article 11

Guidelines for Chapters of the SS United States Foundation

Section 1. Organization
Chapters of the Foundation may be established in any city or location,
acting as subsidiaries of the national Foundation based in Washington, D.C.
Each Chapter may designate a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and
Treasurer as officers. These officers will perform duties similar to those
performed by the officers of the national Foundation, as explained in Article
3, Section 4.

Section 2. Meetings
Regular meetings for Chapter Officers and Members may be held at
intervals and location determined by the Chairman for each Chapter. Meeting
Minutes and Agendas must be submitted to the Board of Directors at the
Washington, D.C. office for review.

Section 3. Chapter Web Sites
No Chapter may create and maintain a separate Web Site bearing the logo
and information of the SS United States Foundation. All Chapters may submit
their names and addresses to the Internet Director for posting on the
Foundation Web Site.

Section 4. Logos and Printed Material
All Chapters must use the logo of the National Foundation bearing the
Washington, D.C. name, the main office of the Foundation. Chapters may place
their address under this logo for use on Chapter letterhead, envelopes and
printed material. All printed material produced for Chapters must be
submitted to the National office for approval by the Board of Directors.

*The Board of Directors of the SS United States Foundation reserves the right to amend any or all rules pertaining to the establishment of chapter organizations.

Ask Robert Westover - National Chairman
P.O. Box 853
Washington, DC 20144
[email protected]

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