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Know the facts about the S.S. United States.
This section will be building as we move along. Lots of "FAQ's " coming soon! If you have any questions - send them in!


1.) Basic Facts about the S.S. United States.

2.) Who currently owns the S.S. United States?

2.) Does S.S. United States still hold the Blue Riband (The Atlantic Speed Record)?

4.) Did the S.S. United States have a sister ship?


Basic Facts about the S.S. United States


MAIDEN VOYAGE: Began on July 3, 1952

LENGTH: 990 Ft. 6 Inches.

TONNAGE: 53,000 gross tons

SPEED: 43 knots (79.12 km/hr or 49.48 mph)

ENGINES: Four Engines generating 268,000 horsepower.

RANGE: She could steam 10,000 miles without stopping for fuel or supplies.

ARCHITECT: William Francis Gibbs

SPEED RECORD: WESTBOUND Atlantic Crossing - 3 days, 19 hours and 20 minutes, an average speed of over 34 knots.

COST TO BUILD: $79 million construction cost. Much underwritten by the federal government.

PRESENT LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA - U.S.A.

Who currently owns the S.S. United States?
The current owner is Edward Cantor - a commercial real estate developer from New Jersey.

Does the S.S. United States still hold the Blue Riband?

For those who have asked if the SS United States still holds the Blue Riband (she does) the link below will give complete details.

Although she has lost the record for an East bound voyage--the easier of the crossings because the Gulf Stream wind is behind the vessel--to ships of questionable qualification (they were all ferry hydrofoils of less than three hundred feet in length) she still holds the more difficult West bound record.

Because ships are the largest moving objects built by man, the record of the fastest should not be trivialized by vessels of less than impressive size. For this reason, the foundation has formed a commission to look into creating a trophy that would be called the SS United States Trophy and would be awarded to ships of over 500ft in length and over 25,000 tons--with keels--who hold the record of "fastest" in the world, in addition to holding the Blue Riband in both directions.

Here's the link for more info:

- Robert Westover

Did the S.S. United States have a sister ship?
No other ship with the design of the S.S. United States was ever built. She's the only one. She did, however, have a running mate, the S.S America. The America, was launched in 1939, much smaller and not nearly as fast as the United States. She did carry a similar paint scheme and had a similar two funnel profile so was thought by some to be a sister ship. For more information on the America, check out these web sites:
and as the Australis:

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