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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Recently it was brought to my attention that the SS United States Foundation's Awareness campaign and Save the United States campaign have reached a milestone in American preservation history. With thousands of volunteers and chapters opening up all over the country--and internationally--we are to date one of the largest national mobilization efforts to rescue a non government owned structure in the history of the nation!

As if that weren't enough to be elated over, there's more:

We are the first completely non-governmental internet created national preservation movement in the country.
With dozens of Web sites all over the world, having accumulated hundreds of thousands of Hits in an ongoing unified effort to save this national treasure. No other all volunteer national preservation movement can claim that amount of coverage.

Only the National Trust for Historic Preservation has received more national and international media coverage than the SSUSF!

The SSUSF is the only maritime preservation group to have successfully lobbied for a ship of less than 50 years of age to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Now here's the Big one: If we succeed in rescuing the SS United States and restoring her, we will have accomplished the largest restoration project of a single structure in American history. At over 5 city blocks in length and nearly as high as the World Trade Center if stood on end, the Big U, is true to her name--we have a lot of work ahead of us!

So, considering this last statement, we won't have the opportunity to rest on our laurels. The largest part of this battle lay ahead. Money needs to be raised. More lobbying has to be done. We need more help and dedication than ever.

Lets take the wonderful things we've accomplished and hold it to our hearts, and fight on....


Robert Hudson Westover
SS United States Foundation
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